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Top IT Certifications from PrepAway that You Must Pass for A Successful Career Path

IT certifications play a crucial role in the growth of IT professionals’ career. IT certifications are very helpful in making your career reach great heights. However, you need to ensure that you choose a certification that suits you. Keeping this in mind here top most IT certifications have been discussed, which can help you earn high salary package.

Six Sigma Green Belt

One of the IT certifications that can help your organization in IT improvement projects, Six Sigma Green Belt is a good option for anyone who wants to unravel a job with handsome income. Being a business methodology, Six Sigma enhances the performance of businesses by using data and statistical analysis. This way it eliminates the defects and offers an improved predictability that leads to the success of business processes. The certifications offered in this are called Six Sigma certification and the participants are known as "Belt". There are different levels of this certification, such as Six Sigma Black Belts, Six Sigma Master Black Belts, etc. However, the most popular one among all of these options is Six Sigma Green Belt. Interestingly, Six Sigma Green Belts spend almost half of their time on projects related to Six Sigma, while Black Belts mostly assist them in these projects whenever necessary. In order to become certified, the candidates like you need to have skills and knowledge of Six Sigma roadmap in addition to other statistical methodologies that support Six Sigma projects.

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

Control Monitoring and Reporting is something which is always in demand in any IT organization and that is why Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification is so popular. Here, your capability in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks is measured. In order to become certified, you need to take a four-hour exam in which you need to complete 150 questions that are based on four domains. The first and the second one are related to risk identification and its assessment, whereas the other third one deal with risk response and mitigation and the fourth domain covers risk and control monitoring and reporting. Your expertise in the implementation of relevant Information System (IS) controls will also help you in cracking this certification and becoming certified in CRISC certification.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

If you really want to have a good earning and grow your career then you must opt for Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). If you are eligible for this certification and have working experience in systems engineering, architecture, management, auditing, design, and controls analysis, then there is nothing better than this certification. In order to earn CISSP certification, you need to ensure that you possess knowledge about Security and Risk Management, Security Operations, Identity and Access Management, etc. However, for this certification exam, only those having at least five years of experience IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity are eligible to take the exam.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Amazon Web Services platform is quite famous and so many certifications offered related to this can help you seek good jobs with high remuneration. AWS Certified Developer – Associate is one such certification which can make your career reach great heights. Here, your knowledge and skills in large-scale distributed systems architecture, code-level application security, development of the cloud-based application, AWS architecture principles, etc. are assessed. If you want to become certified as an Associate level AWS Certified Developer, then you will have to take 80 minutes exam. This exam is administered in the United States at PSI centers. After passing this exam you will become a successful AWS Certified Solutions Architect and earn a handsome income.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Another IT certification, which is much sought after, is the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Offered by Project Management Institute (PMI), this certification will ensure you make a good career as a certified project management professional. Here, you need to demonstrate your skills in initiating and executing the project. Apart from this, you will also be planning, monitoring and controlling the project teams and ensure all the work in a project is completed on time. You can become PMP or CAPM certified if you pass a psychometric-based examination, which consists of Multiple Choice Questions.

As of now, five most popular certifications in the IT industry have been discussed. Now it will be good to throw some light on how to prepare for the aforementioned IT certification exams.

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How to prepare for the certification exams?

IT certification exams are not easy to pass. You need to have a planning and strategy for the certification exam that you will be taking. The first thing that you can do is to opt for a good platform, which keeps you informed about the latest changes introduced in the It certifications and different materials required in the preparation of the IT exams, such as exam dumps, It training courses, Exam Testing Engine, blogs, etc.

Strikingly, PrepAway is one such platform that ensures you receive the best guidance and the high-quality preparation materials to pass the certification exams. It is important for you to understand that PrepAway offers you IT tutorials and practice tests related to all the aforementioned certifications. These training courses and braindumps ensure that you become certified easily. In addition to choosing PrepAway, you must also take self-study seriously. You need to be clear with all the fundamental concepts related t the certification.


It is necessary to understand the importance of IT certifications as this will let your career new heights. You cannot ignore the value of becoming certified. However, selecting the certifications that are popular in the IT field is also important, as this will decide your income and your career growth level. That is why here you have been introduced to 5 top most IT certifications. Nevertheless, becoming certified in all the aforementioned certifications is a Herculean job and that is why it will be prudent to choose PrepAway. This is the destination of all the IT professionals who want to become certified.